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Today’s Comic of the Day comes to us from Zombiehood. A web comic series that is set in a world where Zombies and human managed to put aside their differences and manage to co-exist. Created by Justin DuPont and Ian Corrao whom are also characters in their series, has been ongoing since 2007. They also have other web comic series they create that are featured on their site:

If Zombies Directed It – A strip parodying movies by having zombies direct them.  Releases every other Wednesday switching with Zombiehood

Bob & Gary – A Mass Effect strip following characters Ian & Justin created: Bob the Turian & Gary the Drell. Comic releases every Monday

Saturday Night RPG – A comic that follows Ian, Justin, and a few of  their friends as they play table top games ranging from Shadow Run to the D20 Star Wars RPG.  This is drawn in a more sequential comic style switching between in game and arguments between the friends over what is happening.  This comic has just started and will be releasing every 2 weeks on Sunday afternoons.

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