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With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild coming out in a few weeks that also means that we are going to be seeing a resurgence of Zelda comics. And given the fact that the latest entry into the series is going to be a huge departure from the series classic gameplay formula, you can bet that it’s going to inspire cartoonist everywhere to come up with creative yet insightful comics. Much like today’s webcomic of the day created by Wooden Plank Studios.

Wooden Plank Studios was created in 2013 by Abel Hagen and Christiaan Albers. Abel Hagen who is the creative director and Christiaan Albers is the lead developer. What is it that they develop you ask? Good question! Why it’s video games of course!

One of their games, called Cat’s Catch, is available to download for free here.

As a company, Wooden Plank Studios aims to go about things their own way and enrich the world as best as they if can reading the guidelines of their “Five Wooden Tenets” is to be believed.

Check out more of Wooden Plank Studios and if you enjoy their content, head over to their Patreon account and show them some love.

Here is what’s next!

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