Weekly Webcomics Round-Up Vol. 7: Hey! Listen!

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I hope everyone had a great Summer! September begins on Tuesday and you know what else comes out on Tuesday? That’s right voice in my head that tells me to do things! Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain! I am so excited to finally have the chance to play that game.

Okay back to basics! This week’s edition of Weekly Webcomics Round-Up is definitely a lot more light-hearted than the past few weeks have been. Books Of Adam make me realize how tough coming to terms owning a cat can be. Batman takes some time off from harassing Superman to harass Spider-Man in Dragonarte’s new comic. Birds are still jerks even in Zach’s new update in  Extra Fabulous Comics. Prepare to have your mind BLOWN in this week’s update of Gone Into Rapture. And read the most convincing pro-weed (not that kind of weed) argument in Lunarbaboon.

*No New BOUNCE! This Week!*

Batman, Spider-Man, Bat-Trap, Marvel, DC, Dragonarte, humor, webcomic, Lucas Nascimento, comedy, funnyDragonarte. By Lucas Nascimento. Read More Dragonarte



Weed, Pro Weed, Roller Derby, Green, Flowers, Heartwarming, Lunarboon, Humor, Webcomics, Chris, Comedy, FunnyLunarbaboon. By Chris. Read More Lunarbaboon

I Wish I Were A Bird, Birds, Jerks, Extra Fabulous Comics, Humor, Webcomic, Zach, Comics, Funny, Cute, Comedy, ArtExtra Fabulous Comics. By Zach. Read More Extra Fabulous Comics

Anal-Fisting-Porn-Star, Germaphobe, Fist-Bump, Johnny Shit-Knuckles, Toon Hole Ryan, Toon Hole, Humor, Webcomics, Comedy, Funny, Weekly Webcomic, Comics, ArtToon Hole. By Toon Hole Ryan Kramer. Read More Toon Hole

Line Up, Cyanide And Happiness, Explosm, Humor, Webcomics, Comedy, FunnyCyanide And Happiness By Kris Willison. Read More Cyanide And Happiness

The Hardest Part About Owning A Cat, Cats Cat-Butt, Butthole, Cute, Animated Gif, Books Of Adam, Buzzfeed, Webcomic, Adam Ellis, Humor, Comedy, Funny, Art, ComicsBooks Of Adam By Adam Ellis. Read More Books Of Adam

Shady, Sunglasses, Nice Glasses, Reza Farazmand, Poorly Drawn Lines, Webcomic, Humor, Funny, Comedy, Art, Comics, CutePoorly Drawn Lines By Reza Farazmand. Read More Poorly Drawn Lines

Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon, The Legend Of Zelda, Link, Navi, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gone Into Rapture, I Am A Man And I Make Comics, Funny, Humor, Comedy, Art, Comics, Parody

Gone Into Rapture By A Man. Read More Gone Into Rapture

If you have any suggestions as to which webcomic you would like to see please, comment and let us know. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thank You!

If You Are Reading This, You’re Awesome! See You Again Soon!

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