Weekly Webcomics Round-Up Vol 23 New Years

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I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. Seeing as how we are still in the holiday season a lot of the series featured here won’t be back for a few weeks but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t webcomics that are still being produced on a weekly basis.

In an alternante universe, the weapons of suprehreos fight using their superheroes and in a nother unverse you are a superhero. The father in Lunarbaboon has to deal with a lot in the series now he has to deal with the worse of the worse, a child’s birthday party. The family that plays together eventually will turn on the weakest as is the case in this week’s Toon Hole by Ryan Kramer. Being single is really tough nowadays, not knowing how to propley talk to a member of the opposite sex can lead to some really awkward situations.

Dragonarte “In A Parallel Universe”Thor's Hammer, Thor, Captian America's Sheild, Captain America, In A Parallel Universe, Marvel Comics, Dragonarte, humor, comic, webcomic, Lucas Nascimento, comedy, funny, art, comics, webcomics, comedy, funny

Dragonarte By Lucas Nascimento. Read More Dragonarte

Lunarbaboon “Parties”Parties, Hell, Birthday Parties, Kid's Parties, Family, Lunarboon, Humor, Webcomics, Chris, Comedy, Funny, art, comic, comics, webcomics, Slice Of Life

Lunarbaboon By Chris. Read More Lunarbaboon

 Toon Hole “Family Game Night”Family Game Night, Hunger Games, Battle Royale, Hunting, Ryan Kramer, John Martinez, Toon Hole, Humor, Webcomics, Comedy, Funny, Comics, Art, Webcomic, Comic

Toon Hole. By Toon Hole John Martinez. Read More Toon Hole

 Cyanide And Happiness “Being Single”Being Single, Jacket, Headshot, Relationship, Cyanide And Happiness, Explosm, Humor, Webcomic, Comic, Webcomics, Comics, Comedy, Funny, Art

Cyanide And Happiness By Kris Wilson. Read More Cyanide And Happiness

Books Of Adam “Santa Selfie”Santa Selfie, Christmas, Delete, Animated Gif, Books Of Adam, Buzzfeed, Webcomics, Webcomic, Adam Ellis, Humor, Comedy, Funny, Art, Comic, Comics

Books Of Adam By Adam Ellis. Read More Books Of Adam

Poorly Drawn Lines “Spirit Of Festivity”Spirit Of Festivity, Juice Cleanse, Reza Farazmand, Life Is A Dream, Poorly Drawn Lines, Webcomics, Webcomic, Humor, Funny, Comedy, Art, Comics, Cute, Comic,

Poorly Drawn Lines By Reza Farazmand. Read More Poorly Drawn Lines

JasComics “Bank Of America”
Bank Of America, Dez Nuts, Got Em, Jas Comics, Jas, Humor, Funny, Comedy, Art, Illustrations, Webcomic, Comics, Webcomics, Comic, Memes,

JasComics By Jas. Read More JasComics

Pie Comics “It’s A Big World”

It's A Big World, Hats, Taller, John McName, Webcomic, Webcomics, Comic, Comics, Art, Illustration, Comedy, Funny, Humor, Pie Comics By John McName. Read More Pie Comic

 The Devil’s Panties “Well Done”

Majestic, Nature, Road TripRelationship, The Devil's Panties, Jennie Bredden, Obby Breeden, Slice Of Life, Comedy, Humor, Funny, Webcomics, Webcomic, Comics, Comic, Art, Illustration,The Devil’s Panties By Jennie And Obby Breeden. Read More The Devil’s Panties

If you have any suggestions as to which webcomic you would like to see please, comment and let us know. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thank You!

If You Are Reading This, You’re Awesome! See You Again Soon!

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