Weekly Webcomics Round-Up Vol. 15: Bloody Mondays!

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Good day everyone. I hoped you all enjoyed your Halloween weekend and didn’t get too drunk and/or ate yourself silly on your trick-or-treat candy.

Halloween might be over but some of the webcomics featured here are still in the holiday spirit. BOUNCE! pays an amazing tribute to John Carpenter’s The Thing. Batman haunts Superman’s dreams in Dragonarte’s webcomic this week. Garfield REALLY hates Mondays and John it seems in this week’s Toon Hole by Ryan Kramer. Me and Adam did the same thing this Halloween weekend and if Garfield wasn’t a reminder enough, Gone Into Rapture would like you know that your weekend is over and its Monday again.

BOUNCE! “Halloween Special PT.2”The Thing, John Carpenter, Steven Universe, Garnet, Aien, Parasyte, Halloween, Halloween Speacial PT.2, Devil, SNICKT, Transformation, BOUNCE!, Humor, Chuck Collins, Webcomic, Comedy, Funny, Comics, Webcomics, Comics, Art, Humor, Comedy

BOUNCE! By Chuck Collins. Read More BOUNCE!

Dragonarte “Batman Can-Can”Batman, Superman, DC, Nightmares, Can-Can, Rivalry, Dragonarte, humor, comic, webcomic, Lucas Nascimento, comedy, funny, art, comics, webcomics, comedy, funny

Dragonarte By Lucas Nascimento. Read More Dragonarte

Lunarbaboon “Issues”Issues, Inequality, Baby, Cute, Feminism, Angry, Lunarboon, Humor, Webcomics, Chris, Comedy, Funny, art, comic, comics, webcomics,

Lunarbaboon By Chris. Read More Lunarbaboon

Extra Fabulous Comics “Boiling Oil”Boiling Oil, Kings, Assasins, Revolt, Extra Fabulous Comics, Humor, Webcomic, Webcomics, Comic, Comics, Art, Zach

Extra Fabulous Comics. By Zach. Read More Extra Fabulous Comics

Toon Hole “Garfield Hates Mondays”Garfield, John, Jim Davis, Mondays, Garfield Hates Mondays, Jail, Ryan Kramer, Toon Hole, Humor, Webcomics, Comedy, Funny, Comics, Art, Webcomic, Comic

Toon Hole. By Toon Hole Ryan Kramer. Read More Toon Hole

Cyanide And Happiness “Interest”Interest, Aggerssive, Cyanide And Happiness, Explosm, Humor, Webcomic, Comic Webcomics, Comics, Comedy, Funny, Art

Cyanide And Happiness By Kris Wilson. Read More Cyanide And Happiness

Books Of Adam “Finally Friday”Hoarders, The Weekend, Binge Watching, Finally Friday, Animated Gif, Books Of Adam, Buzzfeed, Webcomics, Webcomic, Adam Ellis, Humor, Comedy, Funny, Art, Comic, Comics

Books Of Adam By Adam Ellis. Read More Books Of Adam

Poorly Drawn Lines “Walk A Mile”Wak A Mile, Cops, Robbers, Reza Farazmand, Poorly Drawn Lines, Webcomics, Webcomic, Humor, Funny, Comedy, Art, Comics, Cute, Comic,

Poorly Drawn Lines By Reza Farazmand. Read More Poorly Drawn Lines

Gone Into Rapture “Sunday”Sundays, Mondays, Gone Into Rapture, I Am A Man And I Make Comics, Funny, Humor, Comedy, Art, Comic,Comics, Parody, Webcomic, Webcomics

Gone Into Rapture By A Man. Read More Gone Into Rapture

If you have any suggestions as to which webcomic you would like to see please, comment and let us know. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thank You!

If You Are Reading This, You’re Awesome! See You Again Soon!

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