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Things In Squares by a man named Cale is unique in how it came to be.Written in the “About” section on his website, Cale says that he wanted to do something involving webcomics, web-design and humor.

An excert from that post in Cale’s own words can put it in a better light than I ever could.

In the beginning, I didn’t know anything about coloring line drawings with Photoshop, so the comics started out pretty rough. Apart from technique, the concept was pretty much all over the place. I drew insightful comics, totally absurd comics about mustaches, story-based comics, even some feel good comics, and I played around with shapes comics, too.

Now I’ve settled into a style, finally! I’m keeping a blog about webcomics for webcomic artists, to share my successes and failings with anyone who’s interested.

It’s very encouraging to see that Cale kept up with his series and wants to see it grow into something more. I know I myself would love to start my own webcomic series, but I’m not as talented as an artist as I wish I was. Mostly because I put off practicing. If anyone has any advice they would like to share, please do!

 Here is what’s next!

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