The Reset Button: Trick-Or-Treat Webcomic Of The Day

The Reset Button, Webcomic, Webcomics, Comics, Comic, Pac-Man, Halloween, Trick-Or-Treat, Masks, Costumes, Power Pellets, CandyPac-Man’s awful taste in food comes back to haunt him

As we are closing in on Halloween we can now expect to see a lot more Halloween themed webcomics coming out as is the case with The Reset Button by George Gant. The Reset Button is a colorful webcomic series about the lives of video game characters who attend school. George describes his series as “Tiny Toon Adventures meets Super Mario Bros“.

The Reset Button is over nine years old but went on hiatus for over 4 years while George worked on another webcomic series of his called On The Grind. Check it out is you’re interested.


 Here is what’s next!

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