The Adventures Of Business Cat: Superstition Webcomic Of The Day

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Someone Is Always Trying To Bring A Succesful Cat Down

So yesterday I poseted about a webcomic series called Business Dog which remided of another webcomic series The Adventures of Business Catwhich was created by Tom Fonder and Rachael Robins. As one might expect of a series called “The Adventures Of Business Cat” it revolves around the titular character Business Maverick Cat.

Mr.Cat is the epitome of a cut-throat business man except that he’s a cat so you know, he has a alot to overcome liike focusing on his work and not getting stuck in a draw of leaving mouse heads laying around on the floor (my cat used to do that)

So here’s to Business Cat, a business professional we should all aspire to be and here’s hoping that one day we might get a Business Cat and Business Dog crossover. Maybe they will be rivals or… Who am I kidding of course they’ll be rivals!

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