Stand Still. Stay Silent Web Comic Spotlight

 Stand Still. Stay Silent, Horror, Fantasy, Webcomic, SpotlightA post-apocalyptic series that involves elements of Nordic mythology.


Greetings everyone! Today I am proud to present to you my write-up of the webcomic series Stand Still. Stay Silent by Minna Sundberg.

Minna is another amazingly talented artist who also has another, completed webcomic series called A Redtail’s Dream that I also recommend you check out.

So, let’s get one thing about SSSS (Stand Still. Stay Silent) straight, the art work is just absolutely gorgeous!

Minna Sundberg, Stand Still. Stay Silent, Beautiful, Military Base, Ocean, Post Apocalyptic,

Someone just found their new desktop wallpaper.

Every page has the same amount care and quality put into it as the last page. The art style is also very telling about the Minna’s writing style and the way she build the lore and the world of SSSS. From the beginning of the prologue you can see that Minna is setting up something big within the world of SSSS.

Minna Sundberg, Stand Still. Stay Silent, Post Apocalyptic, Fantasy, SSSS

The last page before the time jump.

The story starts at the at the beginning of the outbreak. There’s a virus that is spreading all throughout the Scandinavian region that has the government panicking. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, the powers that be decided to close off the borders and often time going to the extremes of preventing anyone one from getting in or out by shooting them there on the spot. Despite all of this, SSSS manages to maintain a light-hearted tone.

Minna Sundberg, SSSS, Stand Still. Stay Silent, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy

The family the dies together, stays together.

And that is what truly helps set SSSS apart from other post-apocalyptic series. Whereas in other post-apocalyptic series, they tend to focus more on the dark-side that lies within almost every human, in SSSS we see the opposite of that. The remainder of humanity has banded together to help each other rebuild and reclaim the remains of civilization. From that we see that humanity was not only able to just reclaim lost territory but we are also able to learn how to survive for over 90 years.


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