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Hello everyone! So last week as some of you may know was E3 2015. An annual video games convention that is attended by pretty much all the big players in the video game industry today and their investors. Like every year there was a lot of exciting news coming out of each of the press conferences, The Last Guardian was still in development even though a lot of people thought it was dead, Microsoft’s Hololens, Star Wars Battlefront. Square even announced a remake of Final Fantasy 7, the one Final Fantasy game that people who have only ever played Final Fantasy 7 wanted a remake of. If none of that happened to catch your interest there was that oh so exciting Bethesda conference. Fallout 4 was definitely my favorite thing out of the entirety of E3 2015. It definitely caught the eye of Power Simon the creator of Morning Routine: Fallout 4 Edition. Simon Nyhus is a digital artist all the way from Norway (sorry) who doesn’t have is own webcomic series but has a huge back catalog of artwork that is just as charming as this comic. 

 Here is what’s next!

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