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Webcomic, Series, Monster PopA Slice Of Life web comic series that revolves around monsters, humans and magic


What is not to love about this series? Everything from the world it takes place in to the character designs is simply just charming! Monster Pop! is a webcomic series created by the incredibly talented Maya Kern who has created other series as well such as Redden, FariyFail and How To Be A Mermaid.

Monster Pop! is, as described by the creator, a slice of life comic that is about two best friends, Genevieve “George” Rose Tinsley, a cyclops and Francis “Franny” Anne Lane, a witch. Heavily influenced by Japanese shoujo manga, this comic also includes pages the feature animation and/or music. Not only that, each major character in the series has their own tumblr blog. This charming webcomic series has 3 chapters with over 275 pages.

George, Monster Pop, tumblr

George creating her first blog post on tumblr.

The first chapter in the series opens with George writing her first blog post on tumblr getting ready to recap the events that happened to her that all started when her and Franny decided to crash a”normy”party. Before they enter the party Franny give George a magic beanie hat that makes it so that George will appear human.

Monster Pop!, Maya Kern, Beautiful artwork

The Magic Beanie Hat!

When the girls enter the party they both go their separate ways and begin to interact with the other people at the party. As the night progresses George meets a boy named Ben during a game of Twister. After the game the two begin to chat each other up. When Franny gets George and tells her its time to leave Ben invites the two of them to a picnic in the park with him and his friends.

Monster Pop!, Webcomic Series Spotlight, Maya Kern

Infatuation At First Sight!

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