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This adorable webcomic is called Little Lety The Vampire which was created by Victor Chombeau. Victor Chombeau, who, comes from an illustration background and has also designed and developed children characters and advertising campaigns for companies such as Coca-Cola, ArcellorMittal and Royal Canin. Looking at his art style it isn’t hard to see the appeal it can have on kids!

Little Lety The Vampire is about the misadventures of a little bat hatchling who thinks that she is an actual vampire. This cute little bat feels no remorse annoying her friends and the other animals in the forest in her efforts to become the greatest predator in the forest.

Looking at his art style it’s not hard to see the appeal it can have on kids! Not only do his character designs have a lot of life given towards them but his writing style also has this charm associated with it. In one comic strip, you’ll see Lety apologizing for liking Twilight then in another you’ll see her trying to convince her friend that she is an actual vampire.

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