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Kickstarter, Tales Of Terror, Webcomic, Hooligan Comics, Comedy, Anthology, HorrorA horror anthology comic book that’s a mix of comedy, horror, and action. Varied characters and a mix of monsters and other frights.

Those of you already familiar with the site know that I love webcomics. I know only love webcomics but I admire the artist that dedicate their time and efforts to creating and fleshing out truly amazing worlds not seen in a lot of mainstream comics. I want what I am doing with Blue Toads Comics to help the artists that create these series that I enjoy so much. So today I bring a new entry on to the site called Kickstarter This where I will be looking at comic series on Kickstarter that I believe should get funded. Fo our first entry I will be looking at Tales Of Horror by Hooligan Comics.

The Kickstarter Campaign

To start off, Hooligan Comics is an independent comic book studio. Located in Las Vegas their goal is to bring the fun back to comics. From the look of things it looks as if they plan to launch their studio with Tales Of Terror and from the sound of things, it looks as though they are going to launch strong! Their main inspiration for the series comes from a wide variety of sources. EC Comics who are responsible for Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Warren Publishing series Creepy and Eerie, Charlton Comics, and Heavy Metal.

The Vine, Tales Of Terror, The Jersey Kid, Hooligan Comics, Horror, Comedy, Action, Concept Art,

Concept art from the story “The Vine”

Tales Of Terror plans to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors but the guys at Hooligan Comics want to take it into a different direction. The focus of the stories in Tales Of Terror won’t just revolve solely around horror but instead, will include themes from other genres such as comedy and action and immediately I thought of Creepshow which is a horror anthology movie directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King.

Tales Of Terror, The Jersey Kid, Hooligan Comics, Horror, Comedy, Action, Concept Art,

Concept art from the story “The Jersey Kid”

The series will have elements from cryptozoology, tall tales, myths, and legends as well as original works from the writers. Speaking of writers, a revolving cast of writers and artist from all over the indie scene will write and draw for the series. Tales of Terror will a bi-monthly anthology book available on ComiXology, Amazon, the Hooligan Comics online store, you will also be able to purchase it from comic shops in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Arizona, and California (no East Coast love).

The Rewards

Now for the goodies! With every Kickstarter there are always incentives for people to invest in someone else’s dream so to say and for investing in Tales Of Terror this is what you’ll get:

For $5

A digital copy of the comic with your name on the “Thank You” page inside!

For $15

You will receive Reward #1 as well as a personalized autographed physical copy of the book!

For $25

You will receive Rewards 1&2 as well as: A signed exclusive print available only to Kickstarter supporters!

For $50

*Limited* (8 left of 10)

You will receive Rewards 1-3 as well as: A special limited edition signed “Art of Tales of Terror” book! The book showcases the concept art as well as exclusive images not seen anywhere else!

For $150

*Limited* (10 left of 10)

You will receive Rewards 1-3 as well as: You will be a character in a Tales of Terror story! You’d send us a few pics of you, and about you, and we will add you in a future story! You will also receive 5 signed copies of the issue you are in!

The last one is my favorite!

So support Hooligan Comics and help fund their project. Tales Of Terror only requires $800 to be fully funded and currently has only 10 backers and 48 days left to go.

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