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Kevin no Daibōken or Kevin’s Great Adventure is a comedy, action and adventure webcomic which shares a lot with Japanese manga  with the exception that you read it from left to right. Kevin no Daibōken was created by German duo, Galebourn and Sixtus66 with Galebourn doing the writing and coloring and Sixtus66 drawing the entire comic.

Kevin no Daibōken starts off innocently enough. We learn of Kevin’s backstory within the first two pages. Kevin describes himself as a NEET, which is Japanese term that refers someone who is “Not in Education, Employment, or Training”. While watching anime with his faithful dakimakura, Mayu and is then mysteriously teleported to another world. I have to say I really enjoy reading this one. Each page is short and always ends on a joke. I really love the slapstick humor  and it also reminds me of one the funniest animes I ever watched Ixion Saga DT.

If you’re a fan of manga, comedy adventures or just looking for something new, check out Kevin no Daibōken.

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