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Fight For Survival

Hominids by Jordan Kotzebue is a fantasy webcomic series. The series takes place in a prehistoric world composed of a number of different races and creatures throughout the world. At the start of the series we are introduced to Keyli and the only two albinos of their pack, Sno and Gosh as they are out fishing before they run into a deadly encounter with a pack of Root Dwellers.

Jordan Kotzebue is an illustrator and Flash animator working in Seattle and has extensive experience working in the gaming industry as an artist and animator. Looking at the artwork in Hominids you can see how working as a character artist for various video game studios has in some way influenced the design of the characters and creatures in Hominids. Or Jordan’s work could have more influence in the gaming industry than I could ever realize.

Here is what’s next!

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  • Kevin Konrad Hanna

    Gah, so good,. One of the best books out right now.

  • You have any recommendations I should check out?

  • Kevin Konrad Hanna

    Besides Hominids? I like most everything Jeff Lumire writes, everything Bengal or Chris Bachello draws, and most everything bellboy/bprd.

    Rumble is probably my top new book. Worth a review…

    … After you read Hominids. 🙂