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Handicape Hero, Arcade Cabinet, Handicap, Wheelchair, Galaga, RUSH, Friendship, 2005A New Superhero Emerges

Handicape Hero is an upcoming graphic novel series. Currently, 16 pages from the soon to be released graphic novel series are available as of now for your viewing pleasure on the official website.

The series came about one day while the writer for Handicape Hero, Chad and his friend who happens to also be in a wheelchair were talking about superheroes.  During their conversation, Chad had this to say:

I said something about him being a super hero that was handicapped with a cape—a handicape! I would be his sidekick “Legs” and we’d save the world from whatever terrible things we could defeat together. That’s synergy!

Anyway, that conversation was really just a joke, but after I started working more on creating some of my other comics, I kept coming back to that idea.

From a conversation between two friends, it’s not hard to see how it inspired Handicape Hero. As of now, there isn’t much to say about the budding graphic novel series but from the plot synopsis posted on HandicapeHero.com all sounds really exciting. The plot will revolve around an ancient conspiracy theory that dates back more than 500 years and Ethan Stone, who is the main character, slowly begins to discover that he has rare powers. Powers in which he’ll use as his new identity, Handicape.

Here is what’s next!

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