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nintendo, video game, rpg, 3ds, great detective pikachu, pikachu, koffing, espur, murder, webcomic, comic, comedy, funny, art, illustrationThe Great Detective Pikachu Is On The Case

So recently Nintendo announced Great Detective Pikachu, a new entry into the popular video game series Pokemon starring the Pokemon series mascot as well as one of the most iconic video game characters around to date, Pikachu. Since the announcement fans have been showing there excitement by starting a petition to get Danny DeVito to be the voice Detective Pikachu.

This particular piece of fan art comes to us from Patbird & Galesaur which is a webcomic series that was created by Patrick and Gale Galligan. Patbird & Galesaur focuses around the two title characters one of which happens to be a bird while the other is a dinosaur as they go about their daily lives.

Here is what’s next!

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