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Ah man, Fallout has to be one of the best RPG series I have ever played. Memories I have of playing Fallout 2 on my laptop, killing raiders and slave traders, discovering all the random easter eggs in the wasteland. Then there is Fallout 3. A game that completely changed the way I viewed western RPGs. One if my favorite memories of the game has to be the incident that can take place at Tenpenny Towers but not the one you’re thinking of.

James Lecarpentier is the creator of the webcomic series Good Bear Comics. Based on this entry into the series I guessing it’s safe to say that James is just as eager to play Fallout for as the next guy. Another thing to note is that Good Bear Comics is also fairly new so support James by following him on his social media sites in order to stay up to date with Good Bear Comics.

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