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Tarol Hunt, Danielle Stephens, Goblins, Comedy, Fantasy, WebcomicNot Even The Good Book Can Help You

Yesterday we featured a webcomic that was created by the same people who created Goblins, Tarol Hunt and Danielle Stephens. While that comic captured the comedic element of the series, it was completely unrelated to the series at all. This is the first page of the series and anyone familiar with the series will know that as Tarol grew as an artist the style of Goblins changed as well. The more he improved the more he wanted that to reflect in Goblins which is something that I, personally, love to see. Another example of this is Kentaro Miura, creator of the series Berserk. As that series went on you could see the subtle changes in the way the characters and the details put into were drawn. When you would look back or reread the series over again you could see how much the series had improved in its quality.

 Here is what’s next!

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