Extra Fabulous: Kids These Days Webcomic Of The Day

Kids These Days, Extra Fabulous, Power Rangers, Zach, Humor, 90s, WebcomicTo Much attitude, Dude!

A lot of you might already be familiar with the amazingly hilarious webcomic series Extra Fabulous. For those of you who aren’t this series was created by a man named Zach, who, with each new comic he posts, shows the world just how talented and funny he is. Seriously, with each new comic he posts the series gets funnier and funnier. He will also draw a portrait of you if support him on Patreon. Also I don’t think the Power Rangers would be that bad if they were around today! I mean would I find them insufferably annoying? Yeah! But that be because I’m older now and a lot more jaded.


Here is what’s next!

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