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Writing (Good) Fan Fiction Requires A Lot Of Research

From Brad and Leslie Brown, the married creative team behind The Rock Cocks (NSFW) comes Blaster Nation. Although I think Blaster Nation came out first. That being said, The Rock Cocks is a huge departure from Blaster Nation.

The story behind Blaster Nation began when both Brad and Leslie were unemployed and were working on this series as a hobby while searching for work. Blaster Nation is a webcomic series that follows a bunch of hopeless dorks as they face their own challenges. They way the Brad and Leslie describe Blaster Nation makes it sound as though it was inspired by someone going through life in their twenties.

The characters are also unique and charming. To start off we have Matthew Palmer who just returned from a tour in Haiti while he was working in the Air Force and is ready to begin a new chapter in his life. Daniel Foreman one of Matthew’s childhood friends. Kimberly Adler another one of childhood friends who dreams of writing her own stories yet sadly, lacks the drive. Erin “Rinnie” Wilhelm an internet fan-fiction writer who mostly writes about erotic superhero fan-fiction.

Yup, sounds like a bunch of twenty-year-olds to me.

Here is what’s next!

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