Black Mudpuppy: The Invisible Deaf Mute Webcomic Of The Day

Black Mud Puppy, Ethan Kocak, Comedy, Webcomic, The Invisible Deaf Mute, Superhero, Anti-Hero,Kittens! As delicious as they are cute!

Ethan Kocak is the creator of the webcomic series Black Mudpuppy which follows the fall of the Aztec god Xolotl who gets turned into a Axolotl by another god, Quetzalcoatl for his constant misuse of power. After spending almost 5 centuries as an Axolotl, he runs into Quetzalcoatl again who tells him that for every good deed he does he will restore some of his godly power. And so begins the adventures of Black Mudpuppy! A godly anti-hero and his partner Simon who together fight some of the most entertaining bad guys I’ve ever seen!

 Here is what’s next!

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