Andy Christ Web Comic Series Spotlight

Andy Christ, Pat Grubb, Dark Comedy, Supernatural,A delightfully demented dark comedy series about the son of Lucifer

Greetings everyone! Its Wednesday again which means that I get to bring you another webcomic series for you all to check out and thins week I have something truly unique to show you all! “Andy Christ” by Pat Grubb is a series that has been more than a decade in the making according to Mr. Grubb. Pat was 19 when he first conceived the idea of “Andy Christ”. At 29 he began making the series and at 31 he has been putting new “Andy Christ” pages on a regular basis for more than 3 years.

So what is “Andy Christ”? Andy Christ is a tale about a lonely orphaned 6-year-old boy named Andy Christ. Andy spends his days at the orphanage with his only friend in the entire world, his teddy bear named Frooky. There is also one more thing about Andy, he’s also the son of Lucifer! Get it? Andy Christ, Anti-Christ.

Andy Christ, Lucifer, Frooky, Pat Grubb, Webcomic, Supernatural, Teddy Bear

More Than Just This

“Andy Christ” is a dark comedy just brimming with personality! From the characters, to the world this series takes place in, every thing has its own unique dark twist added to it. The world of “Andy Christ” is set in an ultra-religous American Society where even small churches have more control than the government it appears. Even the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t safe from Pat Grubb’s clutches!

Pledge Of Allegiance, Pat Grubb, Andy Christ, Dark Comedy, Webcomic

Pat Grubb’s The Pledge Of Allegiance

The style of Andy Christ is definitely its own. Pat Grubb describes “Andy Christ” as being inspired by everything related to cartoons, comics, fantasy and horror movies with stand outs coming from noted authors like RobSchrab’s “Scud the Disposable Assassin” even the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books inspired him. Me, I can see no greater influence on his visual style thanJhonen Vasquez the way “Andy Christ” is drawn really does remind me a lot of Invader Zim so much so that I can see “Andy Christ” on Nickelodeon, if it weren’t for, well…

Webcomic, Comedy, Jhonen Vasquez, Pat Grubb, Andy Christ, Exorcism, Pope, Religion

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