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Catverine And Scott, The Best Of Frenemies

Man, I love these parody comics. Paco Puente, the man behind Afro Monkey Comics has graced us with this reimagining of the relationship between Scott “Cyclops” Summers and or James “Wolverine” Howlett or Logan for short with Jean Grey actin as the peacekeeper.

More on Paco Puente. Paco was born in Quito, Ecuador and works as a illustraor and cartoonist. He is also the Director and Editor in Azno Comics which is a humor magazine and has had it’s cartoons published in magazines like LesParra Gusanada, Qulturas as well as some others. Also the entire site and the majority of all of his works over on his main site are in Spanish. Afro Monkey Comics just strated up and running about a few months ago and looking at the bulk of Paco’s work I can see a lot of inspiration taken from various others prominent artist like Ed Roth’s creation, Rat Fink (which Paco has drawn characters in a the classic style) and Robert Crumb, the creator of Fritz The Cat.

Here is what’s next!

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