9 Funny Pokemon Webcomics To Read

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Pokemon webcomics are here!

With the announcement of the next two main entries into the Pokemon series, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon as well as the re-release of Pokemom Red, Blue and Yellow for the Nintendo 3DS virtual console, Pokemon has been on my mind a lot lately. Needless to say, Pokemon has been on my mind a lot lately since Moon and Sun were announced. I mean, with every new Pokemon title there is always the possibility that these new entries will be vastly improved over the previous generation although if what past entries have showed us Sun and Moon will most likely have one or two improvements while the core game experience remains unchanged with a fun new feature added only to have it be dropped in the sequel.

Possible disappointment aside, while looking for more information on Pokemon Sun and Moon I came across some really funny Pokemon webcomics and I decided to collect and share them. Some are favorites I’ve written about before while the rest are some I had the privilege to discover. With Pokemon Sun and Moon just months away I hope this is and the entire Pokemon video game catalog is enough to tie you over.


The Jay Stack “Fake Id”pokemon webcomics, the jay stack, pokemon, webcomic, webcomics, comic comics, charizard, charmander, fake id, funny, comedy, humor, art

The Jay Stack By Jon Stachewicz. Read More The Jay Stack

Johnny Wander “Explain Pokemon To Mepokemon webcomics, Explain Pokemon To Me, charles darwin, pokemon, science, webcomic, webcomics, comic, comics, art, humor, funny, comedy, webcomic blog

Johnny Wander By Ananth Panagariya And Yuko Ota. Read More Johnny Wander

Patbird And Galesaur “Detective Pikachu”pokemon webcomics, nintendo, video game, rpg, 3ds, great detective pikachu, pikachu, koffing, espur, murder, webcomic, comic, comedy, funny, art, illustration

Patbird And Galesaur By Gale Galligan And Patrick Galligan. Read More Patbird And Galesaur

 Nekoama “What Are You Doing”pokemon webcomics, What Are You Doing, Pikachu, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Pokemon, Meme, Nekoama, Webcomic, Cartoon, Comedy, Funny, Humor

Nekoama. By Nekoama. Read More Nekoama

 ALT Comic “Pocket Monster Snap”pokemon webcomics, pocket monster snap, pokemon, webcomic, webcomics, comics, comic, art, funny, humor comedy, webcomic blog, pedobear, pokemon safari

ALT Comic By Denis Caron. Read More ALT Comic

Loldwell “Spirit Pokemon”pokemon webcomics, H. Caldwell Tanner, Pokemon, Comedy, LoldWell, Spirit Pokemon, Dial G-A For Diagla, Neverending Comic, Webcomic

Loldwell By H. Caldwell Tanner.

The Gamercat pokemon webcomics, the gamer cat, pokemon, charmander, charizard, ditto, the matsuda method, daycare, forrest, webcomic, webcomics, webcomic blog, comic, comics, art, funny, humor, comedy

The Gamercat By Samantha Whitten. Read More The Gamercat

Awkward Zombie “The Pokemon Effect

pokemon webcomics, awkward zombie, katie tiedrich, pokemon, the pokemon effect, webcomic, webcomics, comics, comic, art, comedy, humor, funny, webcomic blogAwkward Zombie By Katie Tiedrich. Read More Awkward Zombie

VGCats “Super Effective”

pokemon webcomics, Scott Ramsoomair, vg cats, detective pikachu, rated m for murder, murder, webcomic, webcomics, comic, comics, art, funny, humor, comedy, webcomic blog,VGCats By Scott Ramsoomair. Read More VGCats

If you have any suggestions as to which webcomic you would like to see please, comment and let us know. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thank You!

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