5 LGBT Webcomics You Should Be Reading

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5 LGBT Webcomics You Should Be Reading

One of the best things about art is how it is able to give voices to those who might not have one or who are often overlooked. Comics are one of the best example where a medium as large as it is where a lot of its readers have felt truly represented in the media. If you’re reading this and you’re like me, then there might have been a time where you picked up and read a comic book and felt an instant connection with a character because you saw a bit of yourself in them. Now that technology has gotten to the point where it is able empower a lot of artist and cartoonist out there to help give them a voice.

Today I have chosen 5 LGBT webcomics that range in degree from what they cover. Some series are flat-out comedies where see follow two people just enjoying themselves while there are some that are more serious in nature that deal more with personal hardships and trials.

Tobias And Guylgbt webcomics,Tobias And Guy, demons, lgbt, relationship, love, webcomic, comic, art, comedy, humor

A webcomic series we have talked about before on the site, Tobais And Guy, created by Daryl Toh, is a unique webcomic series in that follows the love lives between a human named Guy and his demonic boyfriend Tobias. With the exception that Tobias happens to be a demon, the two are going through life as normally as any couple.

Boy In Pink Ear Muffs
lgbt webcomics, boy in pink ear muffs, webcomic, art, lgbt, love, relationship, art, comedy, jay, childhood

Inspired by the author’s own experience when he was 10, Boy In Pink Ear Muffs follows two 10-year-old boys, JJ and Danny, as they happen to experience new love. More than that, Boy In Pink Ear Muffs also follows the two as the experience friendship, childhood, and growing up!

Ruth And Annabel Ruin Everything

lgbt webcomics, chelsea mcalarney, ruth and annabel ruin everything, lgbt, love, romance, relationship, art, webcomic, comic

Chelsea McAlarney is the creator of Ruth And Annabel Ruin Everything. This humorous series follows teenage couple, Ruth and Annabel as they go through high school and manage to somehow get themselves into disastrous situations. It reminded me a lot of Regular Show.


stereophinc, lgbt, webcomic, relationship, london, 1960, c.j.p, lgbt webcomics, drama, comic, relationship

Stereophonic is a slice of life webcomic series that follows the lives of two characters, Alex and Elliot. The two meet each other out of a housing necessity between the both of them. Read a long to follow their journey through life as they experience love and self-expression in an era where you wouldn’t see a lot of acceptance for them, 1960s London.

As The Crow Flies

lgbt webcomics, Melanie Gillman, as the crow flies, lgbt, webcomic, art, camp, relationship, love, loneliness, Christianity,

As The Crow Flies is a webcomic series done entirely with colored pencils. This series was created by Melanie Gillman and centers around a 13-year-old African American girl named Charlie. The series starts off with Charlie being dropped off by her parents at a Christain Youth Backpacking Camp that has an all white population. WOW

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  • Laura Anne Seabrook

    I see L and G comics here, but no B or T. Maybe that makes no difference to the folk collecting these, but it tokenises both Bi and Trans comics and creators that are out there.

  • You’re right. As far as diversity goes I have’t really come across a lot webcomics that fell into B and T as you put it. However since posting this a lot of people have offered me more suggestions as to other LGBT webcomic series to look at as well a few I might not have ever considered like Oglaf. This is definitely a topic I plan on revisiting so if you know of some webcomic series that fall into the Bi and trans catagoery please let me know.

  • Benjamin

    I really recommend looking at a tumblr page called lgbtwebcomics! They post every kind of comic and are very nice!