Advice From Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin And Hobbes shares some of his wisdom!

We all experience doubt at one point or another in out lifetime. Doubt is one of those things that can wreck havoc on us if we let it seep in and control our every being. Though, that’s more easier said than done. It’s not hard to imagine that content creators, specifically, in this case, webcomic content creators experience this constantly. From either not seeing their content reach the desired audience to not gaining many followers over the course of months to years of constantly posting their content onto various platforms.

Though it might be a little hard to imagine, the people who a lot of us idolize have also been where a lot of us are. Most notably is Bill Watterson,  creator of, what many consider to be the best comic strip to ever grace a newspaper, Calvin And Hobbes. A few years back, Bill created a long form webcomic strip that not only showcased the early stages that lead to the creation of Calvin And Hobbes but also contains some advice for anyone looking to follow their dreams. The original article can still be viewed over on  and is a great read for anybody who is caught in the twilight of pursuing their dreams.

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